Nice extra services


Nice service №1: Late Breakfast

Coffee with creems or tea, Porridge or smashed eggs with sosige, apple or orange juice, toasts white or whole  bread, butter, jam , cheese, bisquites, milk, apple or orrange.

300 rub.


Nice service №2: Happy Tourist

Hair brush, Shaving set, Tooth brush, Slippers, Bathrobe (should be return after check-out!), Wake-up call

200 rub.


Nice service №3: Delivery (up to 1,5 kg, up to 3000 rub, delivery next day from 09 to 11 am)

  1. Pharmacy, groccery, household goods (cheque amount +300 rub)
  2. Flowers order and delivery service (cheque amount +300 rub)
  3. Laundry service (300 rub one load)

          4. Ironing service (300 rub per item)


Nice service №4: VIP guest

- 1 late breakfast

-1 service from "delivery"

- "Happy tourist" set

500 rub.


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