Hermitage — 1900 m

Russian Museum — 1000 m

Savior on the spilled blood church — 1300 m

Saint Petersburg 0°C
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Guest Rooms «Nevsky Contour» is situated right in the heart of St. Petersburg historical center – ON NEVSKY PROSPEKT! 

 Recently we stopped being a 3 star hotel due to a new Russian law for hotels situated in apartment buildings. Now we are Guest rooms "Nevsky Contour" . But  as you understand, our quality of rooms, equipment, our well-known cleanliness, i.e.  your comfort is unbreakable! We are still your famous "Nevsky Contour", because this is about attitude to our guests.

Guest rooms «Nevsky Contour», well - known by many travelers, has 2 types of rooms:"CLASSIC" and "COMFORT" with all the modern facilities in each room.Very comfortable beds, sound-proof windows, Swedish bathroom equipment, safe box, TV, telephone, modern design–  in each room. 

SPECIAL – 3DSMART TV 42` and 3D glasses in each «Comfort»  room!

Parking (available only on request), security, Wi-Fi, iron. Check other services HERE.

We have a special “Family Comfort” room with a kitchenette and a walk-in closet!

We do value our reputation and restful staying of our clients and we do not sell rooms by hour!

Our friendly staff is looking forward to see you!

Welcome to St. Petersburg and "Nevsky Contour"!

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